Tools to help with your WAT-based app

Windows Store Image Generator

There are multiple images associated with deploying and developing a windows store application including icons, tile images, etc (see Choosing your app images for further details)

This tool is provided to accelerate creation of these images in the case of a demo application or when time is not available to spend creating assets in the usual way.

It works by resizing the input image to the sizes required by the Windows Store Application

Where applicable it will use the same naming convention as the images in the standard WAT template project so they can just be copied over the original images.

Instructions for use

  1. Click 'Browse' and choose a suitable input image (the tool will resample the image so it is recommended to use as high a resolution as possible. Supported formats are .png, .jpeg, .tiff and .gif)
  2. Click 'Download zip' and you will be prompted by your browser to download a zip file containing the resulting images.

Note: 0 is no padding, 1 is 100% of the source image. 0.3 is a typical value for most Windows tiles

Note: Choose a color for the background (leave blank to default to the pixel at the top left):

Detect Windows 8.1 in Javascript

It can be useful to detect Windows 8.1 visitors on your website, this enables you to give them additional content which directs them to the Windows store to download your app.

The detection of the Windows operating system is easily done via navigator.appversion in javascript. Windows 8.1 machines will contain the string "Windows NT 6.3". Using this you can detect Windows 8.1 and show additional content. As an example, if you are viewing this on a Windows 8.1 machine, you'll see a label below that says "hi there".

This is the script that show or hides the yellow label above:

<p id="win81-label" style="display:none; background-color: lightyellow;">Hey there Windows 8.1 user!</p>
if (navigator.appVersion.toLowerCase().indexOf("windows nt 6.3") != -1) {document.getElementById("win81-label").style.display = "inherit";}